Good Super[ No Brand] for international students in Sinchon South Korea

No Brand is an original brand supermarket of Shinsegae Group Emart , which was established in April 2015 . Although the store is small, But it has a wide range of products from fresh food to daily necessities and electrical appliances, and because of its low price and high quality , the store is always full of customers.

Inside Of No Brand store

Food food corner such as vegetables ,fruits,meets,eggs

Frozen food ,ice cream, dessert

I recommend frozen dumplings. Because it is cheap and delicious.

Instant Food


korean seaweed





トtoilet paper, tissue,wet tissue,etc

Detergent. Laundry detergent, electrical appliance

household items



Shinsege Points (신세계 포인트).

After you get an alien registration card, you can become a point member, and you can get points and receive discounts at the member price.

Shinsege Points (신세계 포인트)


If you are a point member, you can get points by entering a mobile number at the time of Checking  out at the register.. If there are  member-only sale, enter your phone number at the time of checkout and the discounted price will be applied.

Shopping bag is charged 

A Shopping bag that can be used as a general Standard Waste Bag  재사용 종량제 봉투 490 won

Left Mapo-gu    Right Seodaemun-gu

You can buy a 20 liter (490 won)general Standard Waste Bag 재사용 종량제 as a shopping bag.

The color of the bag different  depending on the area. Seodaemun-gu is green and Mapo-gu is pink.

Rental shopping bag 대여용 장바구니 500, 600 won
This will be refunded if you return it after use. Bags and prices vary slightly depending on the store.

When and how should I buy this bag?
At the time of checkout, the clerk often asks ” 봉투 필요 하세요 ? (Do you need a bag?)”, So in the case of a general Standard Waste Bag, you can say ” 쓰레 기봉 투 주세요 (Please give me a general Standard Waste Bag)”
in the case of a Rental shopping bag
you can say ” 대여용 장바구니 주세요 (Please rent a shopping bag)”!

Business hours / regular holidays

OPEN 11:00~22:00

Regular holidays Closed on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month

No Brand

No Brand Sinchon



 You need to buy various things  for starting your  life in Korea,  I think you can get all the items at a low price at No Brand super market! It is a supermarket that is indispensable for international students.

Follow me!



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