• 2022年3月25日
  • 2022年3月25日

List of delicious Korean food restaurants in Sinchon 신촌 서울

Seoul Subway Line 2 “Sinchon 신촌”  This is the best area for students in Seoul South Korea, and There are many famous university such a  “Yonsei University”, “Ewha Women’s University”, “Seogang  University” . It is a very lively area with many cafes, restaurants, department stores, and cosmetics shops. The main street in Sinchon is full of young people on the weekend. Soft Tofu Stew 맛있는 순두부&김치찜 신촌점  It is a Soft Tofu Stew(Sundub순두부찌개) restaurant. All-you-can-eat side dishes and rice . Moreover, the price is cheap so it is a popular restaurant for students. There are plenty of (Sundub순두부찌개) menus, and the menu also has English, so you can order even if you can’t read Korean. Korean seaweed and raw eggs are placed on the each table. you can put the eggs in the Sundub (순두부찌개)as soon as Sundubu(순두부찌개)come out. If you don’t like spicy taste, say “안 맵게 해 주세요 (don’t spicy)” and they will […]

  • 2022年3月23日
  • 2022年3月23日

Good Super[ No Brand] for international students in Sinchon South Korea

No Brand is an original brand supermarket of Shinsegae Group Emart , which was established in April 2015 . Although the store is small, But it has a wide range of products from fresh food to daily necessities and electrical appliances, and because of its low price and high quality , the store is always full of customers. Inside Of No Brand store Food food corner such as vegetables ,fruits,meets,eggs Frozen food ,ice cream, dessert   I recommend frozen dumplings. Because it is cheap and delicious. Instant Food korean seaweed snack cofee,tes.bread seasoning トtoilet paper, tissue,wet tissue,etc Detergent. Laundry detergent, electrical appliance household items mask Shinsege Points (신세계 포인트). After you get an alien registration card, you can become a point member, and you can get points and receive discounts at the member price. Shinsege Points (신세계 포인트)   If you are a point member, you can get points by entering a mobile number at the […]



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